Colloquium 9/26: Secondary Mathematics Laboratory – Meagan Hensley

On September 26th at 3:30 PM in Math 357, Meagan Hensley will give our first Colloquium, titled “Secondary Mathematics Laboratory”.  This talk should be accessible and useful to all levels, and all are welcome to attend.

Abstract: In August, I attended the Secondary Mathematics Laboratory (SML) at the University of Michigan. The SML was developed by U of M’s School of Education and the Algebra Project in order to provide an opportunity for a group of future high school students to improve their math skills and a chance for the education community to study an Algebra Project classroom. In this presentation, I will discuss the mathematics seen during the SML by introducing a few activities. We will also discuss the Algebra Project’s mission which involves improving math literacy.

Flyer in PDF form


Putnam Exam – Study Sessions

This year SFA will again be participating in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. It is a rite of passage for math majors and others who want to test their creativity and problem solving skills. A six hour exam, broken into two three-hour sessions of six problems, the Putnam Exam has a median score of zero out of 120. A positive score looks really good to employers and graduate schools! I should also mention that the Department is proud to take all participants to dinner as a reward for their ordeal.

To prepare for the exam, interested faculty and students will meet Fridays at 3pm in 357 Math Building. If you enjoy solving hard and interesting problems, come by and check it out! Snacks will be provided.

Welcome to Fall 2011!

Greetings, and welcome to the new blog for SFA’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics! Here is an easy place to keep track of announcements and other important goings on here in Nacogdoches!

For this post, a few notes to students about classes….

  • Check mySFA/Banner for your room numbers. These are the official ones and may have changed since you last printed out your schedule.
  • If all the sections of a class are full, if you’re having trouble registering because of prerequisites, if you’re wondering about transfer credit, or other registration issues, contact the department office at 936-468-3805, not your professors. The professors cannot add seats to their classes for you; that has to be done through the math office.
  • The last day to add classes or switch classes is Thursday. If you need to change schedules after that, then you can drop with a W until a week after midterm or withdraw from the university at a later date.
  • Our textbook list is posted on our website at
  • Check out our web page at There you’ll find all sorts of information about our department like textbook lists, faculty information, scholarship information, and much more.
Welcome to SFA and we hope you have a great semester!